The King Kamehameha Golf Club was designed by the greatest American architect¸ Frank Lloyd Wright. Golf Digest called it “the most awe-inspiring clubhouse in the country today”. The original plan was designed as a home in 1949 and was purchased by Marilyn Monroe and her husband Arthur Miller in 1957. The home was never built. In 1988, the original owners (Waikapu Country Club, closed in 1999) Howard Hamamoto, Pundy Yokouchi, and Takeshi Sekiguchi reviewed the plans and modified it to what is now The King Kamehameha Golf Club. Much of the designs you see, etching on the elevator doors & glass, carpet light fixtures, and stained-glass are based on original Frank Lloyd Wright designs.

The King Kamehameha Golf Club is named in honor of the greatest king in the history of the Hawaiian Islands. The unification of the islands into a peaceful and prosperous kingdom has become his legacy, and our inspiration to honor the culture of Hawai'i and foster an awareness of the 'aina (land) and its mala'aina (native resources). In the manner of ho'okipa (hospitality) befitting the spirit of Hawai'i, you will be welcomed with aloha... Hawaiian heart and soul.

The King Kamehameha Golf Club is firmly committed in honoring those who have walked before us. The history and significance of Waikapu and the Hawaiian Culture is brought to life inside and out. Herb Kawainui Kane, Jo-Anne Kahanamoku-Sterling, Puanani Van Dorpe, and Dale Zarella contributed their tremendous talent and expertise to our sense of place.